Monday, July 21, 2014


We've been relaxing in the pool, dressing up like kitty cats and bathing the pups outside.
My sisters pup. She looks thrilled, huh!?

Listening to our favorite music while we drift off to dreamland. 
His fav's are Last Kiss (Frank Wilson & The Cavaliers/PearlJam)
and Wildfire (John Mayer)

And we unfortunately lost our big boy Murphy a week ago today.  While we knew he was in his twilight years we were a little shocked on how quickly he went from being our healthy boy to being gone. He was our first baby and we miss him so much!  

Murph the Turf

Our wonderful vet sent us a stamp of Murph's paw print and while it makes me sad every time 
I look at it I love that we have it.  


Thursday, July 10, 2014

3 Things

A fluffy baby bottom, backwards jammies and a little Kansas flair to keep hope alive 
that we might be back home some day.


Monday, July 7, 2014

My Shoes

Pretty sure there is some sort of magnetic pull with this guy and my tennis shoes.  It never fails. If I leave them out. He is sleeping on them.


I Love You

Just because she makes me laugh in this video...

Friday, June 20, 2014

Swimming Lessons and 4 1/2 months

Day 1:  While I knew that swimming lessons might be a little scary for Harvey (due to her reaction to the pool at the beach) I thought that someone else (outside of her parents) might make her feel more comfortable.  I was wrong.

She screamed for the ENTIRE 30 minute class.  The teachers tried to just grab her and show her that she could trust them but that just made things worse.  The main teacher said that she had never had a kid cry the entire class and that we needed to talk with her and let her know that they were there to keep her safe.  We planned to try it one more day and if there wasn't any improvement then we would probably be done because her screaming was scaring the other kids.  Yep she was THAT kid.

Day 2 & 3 :  Both days Harvey spent the entire time hanging out on the steps.  She blew some bubbles here and there and watched the other boys do what the teacher asked of them.  The teachers decided to stay hands off.  She's a master diverter these days and if anyone would come near her she'd give them the old, "Oh! It's his turn," or "Can you take him first?"  

Day 4:  We made some progress on this day!  The main teacher, Jo, grabbed Harvey and had her float on a noodle and as long as she didn't touch her she was fine.  The class was going so well that I thought they might get her jumping in by the end of class. 

Unfortunately, Harvey had a bit of an accident and we had to leave immediately so I could get her cleaned up. I didn't have any extra clothes in the car so after I used all the water I had in my water bottle to hose her down I wrapped her in her towel and she rode home naked.  She was not a fan of it.

Day 5:  Today was the day.  We had been talking all week about how she needed to obey her teachers and do what they asked of her.  There was no reason to be scared.  She was extra excited that her dad was coming to watch as well. And you know what...she did awesome! The teacher had to grab her/force her to do a few of the things but this time it was without any screaming. She even jumped off the diving board and went down the slide, with a little help. 

So proud of our girl!


And I missed Harry's 4 month picture so a 4 1/2 month one will have to do.  He's been a pretty easy baby thus far and while I could use a little more sleep I can't complain. He just started rolling over so my days of him staying put are slowly fading away. Sweet little goofball! 


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Kick off to Summer

Well, we made it back to Arkansas in one piece and while the last two hours of our drive home were a little tense (Mr. Harry was DONE riding in the car) I would say our first road trip with two kids was a success! We have spent the last few days trying to get things put back in their place but it always takes me almost a week for things to start feeling normal again.

While I'm sad our little beach getaway is over it was a nice little kick off to getting into summer mode. Harvey has swimming lessons, a Frozen themed dance camp and a violin camp to look forward to and I plan on spending that time spoiling Harry as much as I can with a little undivided attention.  

We tried to tame our jungle of a yard on Brad's last day home and in doing so noticed that our strawberries had taken off and grown like crazy while we were gone.  The one year I do absolutely nothing to the garden it produces the most fruit that we've ever had.  Half of them had rotted but we got to pick quite a few and took most of them down in one sitting. Murphy made sure and cleaned up any unwanted strawberries that made their way to the ground.